Training and Technical Assistance for Community Based Organizations

Leaders of the hardworking Washington, DC-area community groups that
receive training and technical assistance from the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise.

Visionaries often make poor bookkeepers. CNE addresses this problem by providing training an technical assistance to leaders of community and faith based organizations to strengthen their financial, organizational, and program management, establish 501(c)(3)s, create effective resouce development plans, and access new technology.

Since its founding in 1981, CNE has trained more than 2600 leaders of grassroots organizations in 39 states, and helped link them to resources totaling more than 10 times what CNE has expended. This includes more than 70 faith-based and community groups in Washington, DC that benefitted from CNE’s extensive technical assistance through the Compassion Capital Fund of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services.

CNE is a strong advocate for community-based programs and works at the national and state level to remove barriers to their life-restoring programs through research, communications, and public policy.

CNE’s core Technical Assistance focus areas are Board Development, Financial Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Organizational Development, Program Development, Evaluation and Data Management, and Resource Development. The Center also links the organizations together as members of CNE’s Hands Across Network through which they share information and resources, discuss best practices, and participate in training workshops.

For More Information

Contact: Terence Mathis
Center for Neighborhood Enterprise
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Phone: 202-518-6500 ext: 310