Op-ed: ‘Josephs’ Are Poised to Restore America

From Jennifer Marshall’s op-ed in Real Clear Religion:

Convicts, gang bangers, addicts and dropouts from across the country descended on Denver the other day.

But instead of drawing police, they had an admiring audience of analysts, academics and donors eager to study their success. Success, that is, in transforming troubled lives — just as they themselves have been transformed.

Leaders of more than a dozen groups, from San Antonio’s Outcry in the Barrio to the House of Help City of Hope in Washington, D.C., gathered for the “Joseph Summit,” a movement to change lives, schools and neighborhoods. Sponsored by the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise (CNE), the summit took its name from Joseph of the Old Testament. In his book “The Triumphs of Joseph,” CNE founder and president Robert L. Woodson explains that Joseph transcended his dysfunctional family and checkered past — including a prison stint — to lead Egypt in a crucial moment.

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