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CNE Violence-Free Zone Manual (Download)

The Triumphs of Joseph: How Today’s Community Healers are Reviving Our Streets and Neighborhoods by Robert L. Woodson, Sr.This volume, still as fresh as when it was published in 1998, likens the neighborhood healers of the inner city to the Biblical Joseph-untutored but wise-who had the wisdom to help the good Pharaoh save Egypt. Hardback and Paperback available from these links at, Barnes & Noble, and Other online vendors.  GR_PUB_Triumphs.jpg

Bridging the Gap: Strategies to Promote Self-Sufficiency among Low-Income Americans

Recommendation of the Neighborhood Leadership Task Force on Grassroots Alternatives for Public Policy (GAPP). A project of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise. April, 1995. $7.00.


Grassroots Solutions to Youth Crime and Violence

The origins of the CNE Violence-Free Zone initiative and the myths and realities about youth violence. Produced by CNE. $15.00

Reducing School Violence-The Dallas Experience

How the CNE Violence-Free Zone initiative was implemented in one of Dallas’ most violence-plagued high schools and the impact the introduction of VFZ Youth Advisors had on the school. Interviews with Principal Robert Ward, Dallas Gang Unit Police, Madison High School students, Vision Regeneration Founder Omar Jahwar, and VFZ Youth Advisors. $15.00

The Dream Betrayed-The Origins of the CNE Alabama Rural Initiative

Why the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise was asked to assist local leaders in Lowndes County, Alabama, where conditions had been almost unchanged in the 40 years since the Voting Rights March passed through the county. $15.00